Update 9: Spleef in the works, new physics and points system.

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Update 9: Spleef in the works, new physics and points system.

Post  Superiordigger on Sun Apr 15, 2012 7:32 pm


Starting today, every player will earn points. these points will be earned by how much time you play on the server. these points are going to be used for the ranking system and will help much with organization and goals. as for the rewards I cannot confirm this since the system is brand new, but it will be worked out. the next addition is a new physics system for armor, pistons, etc. I have not tested this enough to confirm all of its changes but it should give more thought process to using armor for mobility and such, putting more strategy into the game. Last thing is about the spleef arena, the plugin will be assessed and worked over to make sure everything works for the arena. it will be in the process and I might not have a good amount of time to work on it, but the plugin will still be there for reserve.


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