Update 5: Jobs and economy stabalized!

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Update 5: Jobs and economy stabalized!

Post  Superiordigger on Thu Mar 08, 2012 10:12 pm


In this update, I have taken the liberty of fixing the server economy. levels will be more difficult to gain and job profit has been cut in half with all accounts as well. this should balance the amount of effort and the profit gained from your work. unfortunately this means that everyone's jobs have been removed. all experience and current jobs have been taken off from the player, I apologize for this. Also I am now using a plugin called "plugman". this plugin reboots individual plugins, this should help very much with white listing and editing of config files. no more server freeze ups from restores, I can now only reboot one plugin. I hope you all enjoy these changes, but don't be too mad at me about the jobs Embarassed


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