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Post  McSpeckelbauer on Thu Mar 22, 2012 3:37 am

First off a bit about myself.

I am a new multiplayer Minecraft player. I have played solo for a pretty good while but never understood why I would want to join some random people and watch them mine all the good stuff and leave me with dirt. And for a while that is what happened when I would log into a server for the first time. I would punch down a few trees and someone would come up with a enchanted sword and cut me down. So I pretty much gave up on my hunt for a server. Luck of the draw lead me to the "Minecraft server list" site and found the link to this forum page. And from there I just went for it. put in an app and joined up. This server is the only server that I feel a part of a community that cares and give great feedback when needed. (And sometime when not lol)

The World

The world has a few towns with all different themes to it. And if you wanna live in the town a few rules for your house. That may seem strange however once you look at what others have built and understand why it is set up that way it really brings the group living in that area together even more. So far I have not done much exploring out side of the town I picked to start in (Rep the Bogholm!) however just looking at the other cites by a click of a button, makes me excited to hone my skills and join in. The world outside of the towns are just as fun as any other minecraft wilderness. full of glorious landscapes and riches, as well as the never ending horde of baddies.

The admins/fellow players

I have not seen a MAIN ADMIN as good as Mr. SuperiorDigger/Info/What ever else you call him. He is a very friendly person who takes his roll as Main Admin very seriously (But not all Hitler-ish) When something goes bad (Updated server rollback/any other random bug in the system) you can tell it seriously upsets him that something (like a giant maze as well as some houses and a cool looking water thingy next to my house just disappearing) built by us the players has been rolled back or griefed. The other admins are also very friendly Some I have had much more time than being around than others. Yet all of them are friendly and have their own style. And it works amazingly as a whole world with the chain of command that has been put into place.

Closing statements

As a whole this server is amazing, yes it has a few faults, but the pros outweigh the cons a billion to one. If you are interested in a group of great people to help and play with then look no further than Unifix's server. From start to finish you will be welcomed and respected no matter what your background is from never played before to and old coot who hasn't slept or showered in months because he can't stop playing (Snacky). We are growing our world and it is getting more and more exciting by the week. New attractions in towns, new players, new updates... (that hopefully wont roll back O.o) I hope this has helped someone pick to join this server and if so come join us in Bogholm and "drop me a line" what ever that means lol.

"Son Goku" of the group (Because everyone likes me yet I keep dying and coming back)


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