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Short Term Review of Unifix Empty Short Term Review of Unifix

Post  0NinjaFish0 on Wed Mar 07, 2012 10:14 pm

So, to start off this post I'd like to give a little look into how I eventually got here. Once the fall of Xeonia ,(Hope I spelled that right), a server I greatly loved until people started not caring. So, me (0NinjaFish0) and AStrongerFellow took on an epic quest to find the perfect server... Which failed. We joined multiple servers and we had fun for a day or two but they never stuck. I stopped playing Minecraft for about a year. Now that I received a random email from Superiordigger I've managed to join a server I enjoy playing on and is constantly changing.
Ye Olden Comparison:
-Admins are Attentive, Trustworthy, Helpful and are aware of Everything go'in down.
-Server has popular plugins resembling Xeonia, which is what I've been searching for
-*I've died 7+ times because of my long break from the game, so I suck total utter poop n' yos

Every Other Server:
-Two Year Old, Immature, Jerks for Admins
-**Power Hungry, Beer Bellied, Fatties for Admins
-Pay little or no attention to Greifers, Thieves etc...
-When you ask for a favor such as"May I please have my stuff back Mr. Admin sir dude?" There answer consist of "Suck my Dick" or "Fuck you"
So my choices are suck wiener or leave. (Option Numero Does)

My point with this lengthy article (that only Superiordigger probably read to the end because you'd rather be playing Minecraft) is I'm trying to highlight the fact that Unifix is a diamond among 10,000 stone. These server is brilliant and I thank Superiordigger for getting me back into Minecraft.

P.S.: If you actually read the whole thing pat your self on the back and put your name in the comments!
*My fault cause I suck at life
**Don't be insulted that's just my interpretation of them


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Short Term Review of Unifix Empty More than happy to oblidge!

Post  Superiordigger on Wed Mar 07, 2012 11:52 pm

its great to see that you guys found yourself at home! I really wanted to bring back the xenonia spirit while preserving the community kindness. it was sad how it fell, but I hope that this server thrives in every way. I thank you for this review mate, its good to know my efforts did not go unwanted Smile.


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