Guys, we have 2 options to get this server running.

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Guys, we have 2 options to get this server running.

Post  Superiordigger on Fri Jun 22, 2012 4:36 pm

Now I dont know exactly what is going on lately, but the server has been the victim of many griefs and OP power snags. if you havent heard, basically there is an unbannable, unkickable, OP stealing bastard running in our server. he uses something called a proxy, which is a way to avoid all basic bans and kicks. there is no true way to get rid of him unless we can try 2 things.

1: Use a whitelist, and allow all current server goers into this server.
Downside: There is a possibility he can pass through this too, it is a 50/50 chance it'll work at the risk of loosing a ton of popularity.

2: Invest in a server host. these server hosts always have anti-proxy and anti-DDoS protections built in, and are normally more lag free than the network we currently run.
Downside: The server will cost allot of money, and on top of that I will have to start running donation services for the network. also I cannot control how well the server runs, I cannot do any maintainence to the server outside of basic patches. so this is a huge jump, which may or may not go smoothly for us.

There is no other way to do this, even through all of my research. I can try one last thing which is to get a firewall to block proxy connections, but that is the least likely to work. please PLEASE leave your feedback below and help us reboot the server again. I want to get this up and running for the summer, but with this lack of protection there is no way I can. Embarassed


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Re: Guys, we have 2 options to get this server running.

Post  treyman3 on Fri Jun 22, 2012 7:00 pm

I vote for Whitelisting! Because, check this out.. There is a small group of youtubers called Mindcrack... Its a Whitelisted server, that does all kind of awesome things, like Ultra Hardcore, Where you dont heal from food, and only Golden Apples and Potions, and if you die, you die... All kinds of things like Nether Hubs, which is a big room in the nether with portals leading all around the world of Minecraft... Basically, a small group of people, who do awesome things.. So if we went whitelisted, we could get a youtube account going and film stuff... Yah know? Just a thought... but hey, it could work... :3 Surprised


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